This place to start, excel and deliver to the industry.

As a part of college, certain skillset are to be cultivated in the students and opportunity should be provided on the same.

Skills to be developed at the college level.

  • Information Literacy
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Responsible citizenship

Ways to upgrade your knowledge

At any given point of time, in the current scenario one needs to upgrade one's knowledge through the web.

  • Google and youtube - They not only provide entertainment, but you can also enrich your knowledge shared through documents, videos or combination of these two.
  • The IT industry has taken steps to provide free education relative to the industry on the web. Some of the good links are mentioned below. So what are you guys are waiting for, join today and equip yourself.
    • Forums:,, chentana forums and lot more...
  • Must and should - Finish schooling, value the internship programs, work part time/freelance your skills. All this improves your other skills as well.

Statzone, would like to work closely with Professors as well as students, because we understand the gaps and we want to make the professors equal to industry experts so the students get benefited.

We truly believe in the industry method implementation, and given an opportunity we would like to discuss more on the same.

We closely work on conducting:

  • Awareness programs - Industry experts talk on this.
  • Setup our environment to explore more
  • Workshops/ internship/events - An opportunity from Statzone.

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Before we discuss about our thought process / approach on COE and your first IT Job with STATZONE let us discuss on the Industry demand & Market Analysis, where we stand and what skills we have ?

First Understand about the Industry

Industry demands graduates, multi-skills with in-depth knowledge.

Let us ask ourselves one basic question. Why are we discussing that skills or to be precise the right IT skills are vital?

The answer is very simple, People who are investing on their skillset can sustain during the recession or any economic concerns. For the right caliber of candidate, the industry has set the doors open always.

Since 1930's economic crisis, despite constrains, IT is still recruiting. It is just not about maintaining the applications nor are managerial skills looked in the market. Beyond that, there is a huge demand for multi-skills and in-depth knowledge that is required in the industry.

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Where do we stand in the economy survey?

Only one tenth of students of tier 2, 3 and 4 engineering colleges are readily employable, says the national survey of a private educational agency. Even after interventional training, one third of them are not employable, it says.

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NASSCOM Analysis:

According to NASSCOM, each year over 3 million graduates and post-graduates are added to the Indian workforce. Of these only 25 percent of technical graduates and 10-15 percent of other graduates are considered employable by the rapidly growing IT and ITES segments.

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Why are we facing this concern?

The passion and time taken to purchase a Bike, Mobile, Dress, Entertainment and so on, are pretty higher, than the time taken to analyze for one's professional life. 70% - 80% of the mass are less passionate about their growth, open to any job which helps them survive or pays money.

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Don't get Trained. Get Mentored. There is a lot of difference on mentoring and training. One should understand after viewing of the survey results, everyone has a lack of skillset in one way or the other. One solution cannot be same for everyone. Approach varies, timeline varies.

Why are we not able to?

This is because we get trained on a particular topic and we stop ourselves from exploring, experimenting more on that or from discussing with industry experts. This gap grows, and after 2 years of graduation, might end up regretting for the lack of awareness and end up living with what we have.

STATZONE, would like to take an initiative on making YOUR passion grow & work with us. We welcome any graduate and under-graduate / non-IT to IT who is passionate to be part of IT.

Struggling to stand out from other job applicants?

Lacking work experiences to pursue the career you want?

Work with STATZONE;We are open to working with fresh minds, irrespective of any gaps in any industry, who are talented or willing to be part of the industry. We mould them to step out with the passion and confidence gained from Statzone. We can create / open a career for Developers, Software testers, Mobile - Android developers & testers and in Marketing and Sales.

Start as a Trainee with us. How is this possible? You may have many more questions in your mind. Step in! We will explain.

Opportunity and growth of industry is very high, you can surf & view the survey results from Aspiring minds, TOI, Shine to have a better understanding.

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The requirement for quality and well trained talent is all the more important due to the lack of training and mentoring infrastructures available in larger setups. Are you looking for support? Reach us, we support with our pool of industry experts, willing to share at an affordable price.

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Above all you have done your best and are looking forward to testing your skills; you are looking for an opportunity. Drop into Statzone, we will help you brand your ideas and take you to the next level.

You are passionate and we are here to support. Your first corporate in IT, giving you an opportunity to work. Everybody can learn a lot and share, but one cannot inject the depth of knowledge. To do this we need to work on this.

Experience combined with Cutting-Edge Technology, for individual and institutions is our motto.

We work with

  • Keen focus
  • Frontline Industry experience
  • Solutions - Turn your problems to solutions with tailor-made approach.
  • Help more seasoned employees excel.
  • Provide consistency at all level of professional growth.