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8 Email Mistakes to Avoid

These blunders are more than just productivity killers; they will also make you look pretty foolish.

Knowing your way around your email inbox is, of course, crucial if you want to get anything done. But it's also necessary to avoid making a fool of yourself with silly (and unfortunately all too common) communication mistakes. Here's a list of the most common email blunders to avoid.

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Skills Required for Everyone In IT

We came across an article called "75 skills every man should master."

Be able to fix basic PC issues. These can be how to map a printer, back up files, or add a network card. You don't need to be an expert and understand how to overclock a CPU or hack the registry, but if you work in IT, people expect you to be able to do some things.

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Campus placements: 10 preparation mantras

A first job can be the stepping stone to a fruitful career. Campus placements can play a crucial role in a student's life. Know the placement mantras.

A great first job can go a long way in paving the road for a rewarding career. That's why campus placements occupy a student's mind right from the day he or she enters professional college. But approaching them in a systematic manner, is a must.

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Leadership Program

Career development is an organized planning method used to match the needs of a business with the career goals of employees.

Business is to serve the community.

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