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Market demand rises on a daily basis, sourcing of experienced human resource in the latest technology is one of the toughest areas in terms of resource planning. Finding the right person for the right role is time consuming.STATZONE conducts a proper screening process of a resource with various parameters, which includes personal & professional background as well, with tailored recruitment.


We develop our business to stay up to date with a large, ever growing market, and are genuinely committed in maintaining consistency in quality of our service.


Working with a set of specialist teams, who provide full industry coverage combined with our advertising campaigns and internet presence, gives Statzone the capacity to provide our clients with a truly comprehensive service.

  • List us some of the best points about your organization.
  • Crucial elements you look for in an employee
  • Working style

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The primary inception of STATZONE was driven by inherent need of candidate and client.

STATZONE iscommitted to building exceptionally long-term business relationships with our clients. As a direct consequence, this provides anabundance of opportunities for our candidates. We go in depth to understand the requirements of our clients. This allows us to gain a comprehensible insight about the candidatesthey would like to employ. We use this understanding to ensure that we find the appropriate position for you.

Looking for work or hire? Choose from thesectorsthat we work for - IT,BFSI,Automobiles, ITES - Multilingual and Construction

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Looking for work?

Finding the right Job for your skill set can be very challenging. It involves approaching agencies, finding out the availability, applying for the right position, preparing for interviews, etc. All this can be time-consuming, frustrating and stressful.

We will guide you through all stages of the recruitment process.Right from guiding you in the decision to look for a new role, through to preparingan engaging CV and attending interviewsand to finally selecting the best offers and negotiating the best packagefor you.

STATZONE recognizes that each personwill have different requirements when planning for a career. We are on your side and we take time to listen. We will endeavor to offer you the best availableopportunities to match your skills andneedsand are here to help you achieve success in your chosen path.

We analyze and specify the following for you:

  • Your detailed career requisites.
  • The best suitable locations for you.
  • Ideal working hours.
  • The nature of company you could work for.
  • The variety of opportunities that you should choose from.

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